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Becoming a Digital Media Sensation, While Struggling with Depression — a wise and touching post by Jennifer Pastiloff


“I’ve carved out a beautiful life and love what I do, but sometimes, especially lately, I feel the old tug of depression, that magnet of sadness which is buried somewhere next to the grief of losing my father at such a young age, but not relegated to that grief. “

This poignant line comes from an article I’d like to recommend by  She’s a young yoga teacher, inspirational speaker, and a digital media sensation (pictured above), who writes about her battle with depression, and how she’s making tough choices like staying on or getting off antidepressants (for her pregnancy and then after) and how (or even if) she can deal openly with her depression with her friends and many fans.  I’ve pasted another favorite piece of her post below followed by a link to the full post on xo jane…

“About a year after I had gone on anti-depressants, I quit the restaurant. I started leading inspirational workshops, which quickly turned into sold-out workshops and retreats all over the world. I developed this huge online following. It all happened very quickly — I went from career waitress to traveling around the world and being on Good Morning America and featured in New York Magazine. And all this success came while I was on meds.

I felt like a fraud. I felt like I should be able to use the tools I was teaching in my workshops and not have to be on anti-depressants. So I went off last summer, and about five minutes later got pregnant….” read the full post here:

How Much Do You Know About Depression?

 Six Common Questions (Plus answers with research citations!)

mental-health-bipolar-disorderThere is constant warfare among and between “experts” and  non-experts about the basic facts surrounding depression in adults. This quiz does an excellent job of addressing these frequently debated main points — providing research-based answers. Please read to the end for answers and their sources!

Click here to take this quick quiz

Also on this topic: Do Antidepressants Work? The Answer is Yes!


Nothing Changes_Parents Left on our Own to Fight for Treatment of Teens’ Early Psychosis_

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There have been two “worst fears” stated by those who have been decrying (and have now managed to defeat) proposed changes to the handbook of psychiatry called the DSM-5, for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that would have lowered the standards … Continue reading


Why We Shouldn’t Romanticize Depression – A no holds barred interview with Memoirist Ned Zeman – NAMI

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I got a laugh from this interview by Brendan McLean, of NAMI with Ned Zeman, author of The Rules of the Tunnel: My Brief Period of Madness, who is a writer and editor at Vanity Fair.. .  A sample… Q: … Continue reading


Maternal Depression and IQ – Child Psychology and Parenting Blog: Child-Psych.org

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This is a very personal subject for me, having waited until both my sons were in their teens to get treatment for my own depression. I want very much to inform other mothers of the risks and urge them to … Continue reading

“Maternal Depression Can Undermine the Development of Young Children” | Journalism Center on Children & Families

“Maternal Depression Can Undermine the Development of Young Children” | Journalism Center on Children & Families.

This is not a new report (2009) but it is extremely timely as more and more women must weigh the risks and benefits of staying on an antidepressant before, during and after pregnancy. Its recent research shows that only 15% of depressed mothers receive treatment for their depression — despite the negative impact of maternal depression on their child’s emotional and cognitive development. If you are seeking more information for yourself or for someone you love, check this out!