10 Psych Self Tests

Why Take a Self Test? To Learn More About Symptoms that May Be Affecting You or Someone You Love

As mothers (and fathers) we are constantly monitoring our children to assess their well-being.  After all, we know them better than anyone else. But do we always know the signs of problems that could escalate to a full blown mood or psychological (cognitive or behavioral) disorder?  There is often a long lag time between the first sign of “trouble” we may notice in a child, and the point where  a formal consultation is warranted. The following self-tests are not designed to replace an evaluation by a mental health professional. They are offered to provide a first step to help a parent answer the question “Could I be?” or “Could my child or spouse have?” Yes, some are about you…others concern a child or spouse. That’s because mental health is a family affair. So are mental disorders. And so is recovery.

Remember that with psychological disorders the primary symptoms are behaviors–a change in behavior or mood or a lack of behavior (walking/talking/having friends) by a certain age or developmental stage. I highly recommend keeping a written log of any such symptoms you may learn about by taking one or more of these inventories. Then bring your log with you to your appointment with your pediatrician or mental health professional.

The following links go to Organized Wisdom, a website written by health and mental health professionals.

1) Do I have adult ADHD?

This free test will help you identify warning signs of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to discuss with your doctor. ADD and ADHD are conditions generally diagnosed in school-aged children, but teens and adults can suffer from them, too. This quick quiz will identify whether you’re exhibiting symptoms of ADHD, as detailed in the DSM-IV criteria.

2) Does my child have ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an extremely common, treatable condition that affects children’s attention and behavior both in and out of school. This quick quiz will identify whether your child is exhibiting symptoms of ADHD, as noted by the DSM-IV Criteria for ADHD.

3) Does my child have Oppositional Defiant Disorder? (sometimes called Conduct Disorder)

The questions that follow may help you spot oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) in your child, a condition that often occurs along with ADHD. This quick quiz is based on a portion of the Vanderbilt Rating Scales developed by Mark L. Wolraich, M.D. Be sure to discuss the results with your child’s doctor.

4) Do I have Depression?

Did you know that most people with depression don’t recognize the warning signs, and never seek treatment? The best way to tell if what you’re feeling is depression is to use a checklist or assessment to see if you’re experiencing common symptoms. This quick quiz has been adapted from the highly respected Burns Depression Inventory created by David D. Bums, M.D., author of Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. Find out if you’re genuinely depressed.

Click to read the NEW NIMH Child & Teen Depression Fact Sheet

5) Am I Bipolar?

This quick quiz is based on the Mood Disorder Questionnaire, one of the many screening tools that doctors and mental health professionals use to help identify bipolar disorder.

6) Could my spouse be Bipolar?

If you’ve ever wondered if your spouse could have bipolar disorder, this quick quiz may help. These questions have been adapted from the Mood Disorder Questionnaire, one of the many screening tools that doctors and mental health professionals use to help identify this condition.

7) Do I or  a loved one have Borderline Personality Disorder?

More than 6% of the U.S. population will experience borderline personality disorder (BPD) at some point in their lifetimes. This quick quiz, based on the diagnostic criteria (DSM-IV) for BPD, may reveal if you’re showing the signs. Discuss the results with your doctor or mental health professional.

8) Is Someone I Know suicidal?

Suicide is preventable. If you have a friend or loved one with suicidal thoughts you owe it to them to try to help. Take our quick quiz to help you determine whether your spouse, relative, or friend is showing the warning signs.

9) Am I an alcoholic?

Take this quick quiz if you’ve ever wondered, “Am I an alcoholic?” While small amounts of alcohol can have a beneficial effect on health, heavy drinking hurts your body, your mind, and your relationships. Find out if it might be time to get help.

10) How stressful is my life?

Many experiences in life are stressful, some more than others. The following quiz, based on the Life Stress Inventory, also known as the Holmes and Rahe test, rates the stressful experiences you’ve had over the past year, and calculates your risk of developing a stress-related illness. This comprehensive quiz may take up to five minutes to complete. Answer each question honestly, based on what is currently happening in your life, or what happened over the past year.

ONE MORE…A Self Screening for Symptoms of Early Psychosis on the website of U.C.S.F.’s PREP Youth Clinic.

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