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Resources for Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, and Students

New Book Explains Basics of Child and Adolescent Psychology

“Times are different for my children than they were when I was growing up. They’re dealing with school, peer pressure, balancing friendships and home.  It seems the hormones creep up even younger with each child. I struggle to find my own balance in how to help them and even more importantly, understand them.  With The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Child & Adolescent Psychology I feel like I have a toolbox ready to help me. It addresses child behavior for those critical years (birth to 18!). There’s a chapter on topics that I want to address and some I haven’t even considered. It’s like making a phone call to Mom, only she really does have all the answers.”

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About the Book: Child and adolescent psychology is a complex field that includes developmental psychology, biology, social psychology and various schools of theory and therapies. The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Child and Adolescent Psychology is a book that provides insights for parents, students, teachers, social workers and other professionals, it includes:

· The psychological development of a child from birth through the teenage years

· How psychological theories about children are tested and applied to education and parenting

· How parent-child attachment affects emotional, moral and intellectual development

· A full discussion of psychological challenges such as autism, bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, and schizophrenia

· Insights into the effect of digital media on the psyches of children

· Role and effectiveness of child psychotherapy and family therapy

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Child and Adolescent Psychology 
I was privileged to write this book with Jack C. Westman M.D. M.S. (Madison, Wis.), Professor Emeritus in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Westman served as Director of Child Psychiatry for the University of Wisconsin Hospitals. He has published 9 books and over 140 professional articles and continues to work nationally for greater recognition of the unmet needs of children, adolescents, and their families.


The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with OCD:  Professional, reassuring advice for raising a happy, well-adjusted child

Written with family therapist Stephen Martin, MFT.

About the book: Obsessive compulsive disorder can make a child?s life difficult, turning simple tasks like homework and chores into almost impossible challenges. A child with OCD may feel stressed, worried, and even inadequate. Parents who suspect their child is suffering from OCD or parents of a child with an OCD diagnosis can now rest. This helpful guide helps parents with many issues: recognize symptoms; get an accurate diagnosis; find the right doctor and therapist; develop strategies for tackling schoolwork; and decide on the right treatment. Parents will learn how to talk to a child about OCD and devise coping strategies for school, sports, friendships, and other everyday situations. Children with OCD can learn how to enjoy life without all the worry!

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The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with OCD

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  1. God, I feel like I shulod be takin notes! Great work

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