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What is Recovery Parenting?

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Incessant worry is what moms do no matter how hard we try not to; even after our kids get better—and long after we should know better. Waiting for the other shoe to drop; waiting for that call to come from … Continue reading


Many boomers abuse alcohol after age 48 –

I’ll be the first to stand up and say this was me…although I probably started more like age 40…and now I’m happily sober. Interesting to note it was family members who influenced those who said they got treatment. I think … Continue reading

From Los Angeles Parent_A Mother Knows: 10 Things You Can Do to Safeguard Your Child’s Mental Health

From the moment he was handed to me in the delivery room, Alex seemed not happy to be here. His eyes were bottomless, his expression grave. A dear friend of mine took one look at him and said he must be “an old soul.” He spent his first three months writhing and screaming inconsolably, the word colic wholly insufficient to describe our collective suffering. It wasn’t until six years later, after his brother Sammy arrived, that I realized just how different Alex was compared to other babies. Sammy cried only when he was hungry or wet. He made easy eye contact and loved to be stroked, hugged, and kissed – all the things Alex recoiled from as an infant.

via A Mother Knows: 10 Things You Can Do to Safeguard Your Child’s Mental Health.