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New Peer Reviewed Meta-Study Says Psychotherapy Works for Depression!

mental-health-bipolar-disorderA meta-analysis published in PLOS Medicine establishes irrefutably that psychotherapy — and various forms of it –are effective treatment for depression. And these studies looked at the effects of psychotherapy alone — without antidepressants. This is very important in that some people, either temporarily, e.g. pregnant women, or permanently cannot or choose not to take antidepressants. The take away: YOU HAVE CHOICES!

Here’s the news…

From mental health practitioner, Adriana Barry’s blog account:

Different types of psychotherapy have similar benefits for depression

May 28, 2013 ? Treatments for depression that don’t involve antidepressant drugs but rather focus on different forms of talking therapy (referred to as psychotherapeutic interventions) are all beneficial, with no one form of therapy being better than the others, according to a study by international researchers published in this week’s PLOS Medicine. 

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Another news article from Science Daily on the same study:

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All PTSD is not the same, A VA Psychiatrist Makes the Case for “Complex PTSD” as a new DSM 5 Diagnosis

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Shaili Jain MD, a VA psychiatrist makes the case for a “complex PTSD” for those who’ve experienced prolonged, repeated trauma By Shaili Jain, MD Posted: November 7, 2012 on Mind the Brain, When I was in medical school, senior physicians would … Continue reading

Children Affected by War, New Psychological Intervention Program Shows Promise – Medical Daily

This dramatic improvement for traumatized youth in one of the worst places for children on the planet, Congo, is testimony to the power of psychotherapy to help someone heal from abuse and neglect. I can’t tell you how much this cheers me to read. Think about what it might mean for trauma exposed children here in the U.S. and everywhere to receive such concerted mental health care.

“This is the first time that such a therapy has been used in this way. Although Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy has the greatest evidence for its effectiveness in treating child victims of sexual violence in the West, to date no study has ever adapted it for use in developing countries affected by the twin evils of war and sexual violence,” O’Callaghan said.

The research team along with Congolese counselors encouraged girls to draw out pictures of their most traumatic events. The sessions also included relaxation techniques, mental imagery techniques and tips to cope with bad memories.

“The dramatic reduction in trauma, depression and anxiety, conduct problems and anti-social behavior shows that this kind of therapy is very effective in treating war-affected children who have been exposed to rape and sexual violence. In addition to the statistical results of the therapy many of the girls attested to how the intervention helped reduced their terrible nightmares, disturbing flashbacks and suicidal thinking. For me, that was the most rewarding part of our work in the DRC,” O’Callaghan said.

The research team also helped 50 boys reduce stress and anti-social behavior by psychological intervention program.

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and an NGO World Vision were behind this intervention method.

via Children Affected by War, New Psychological Intervention Program Shows Promise – Medical Daily.


Schizophrenia Awareness Week and the Continuing Struggle to Make Early Treatment of Psychosis Available to Those Who Need It

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This month, May, 2012, includes Schizophrenia Awareness Week, in Australia (May 20th)  and the U.S (May 26).  These are  important occasions to spread the word that schizophrenia is a treatable disorder and that recovery from its symptoms is possible. Also … Continue reading


Not-So-Quick Fix: ADHD Behavioral Therapy May Be More Effective Than Drugs in Long Run: Scientific American

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This article offers an assessment of new psychotherapy treatment options for attention and self control problems in kids and teens, an important development for parents to consider…of course with the next challenge being getting your health insurance company to pay … Continue reading

A Free Teleseminar: Writing Your Way Through Family History to Recovery

In this teleseminar I discuss with Linda Joy Myers, who is a psychotherapist and the president of the National Association of Memoir Writers how mental illness travels through families and the challenges and rewards of digging through family secrets to uncover the legacy that has shaped you and your mental health. Our conversation has lots to offer memoir writers and parents seeking strategies for family emotional resilience. Originally offered exclusively to NAMW members, it is available here for all, free.


On Huff Post…Guilt: My Last, Worst Addiction

I’d just told [my son’s psychiatrist] that I was a 43-year-old single mother of two sons, that I worked as a freelance TV writer and I was in fine health. Of course I didn’t say I’d been depressed for as … Continue reading


Autism in California: Major Health Insurers agree to provide autism coverage | City Brights: Laura Shumaker | an blog

More good news for special needs parents in California…with CalMHSA (Prop 63 support for mental health services for all and early intervention clinics such as  PREP for youth psychosis), parent-activists like Laura Schumaker, and a proactive insurance commission, kids with … Continue reading


Teen Anxiety Can Have Many Faces

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Research now tells us that for many young people, anxiety and depression can be two sides of the same mental health challenge. We know that anxiety often precedes depression in school age kids. Or, as was the case for my … Continue reading


New Study: Should your toddler be in therapy? – report from Child Psychology and Parenting Blog

This is exciting news about a study showing successful results from early intervention with psychotherapy tailored for at risk toddlers and young children! From the Child Psychology and Parenting Blog… This month the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics … Continue reading