I’m Back…

I’m an author, working independently in the SF Bay Area. My memoir, A Lethal Inheritance, A Mother Uncovers the Science Behind Three Generations of Mental Illness, published by Prometheus Books in 2012, reflects my continuing interests in memoir writing, parenting, mental health, psychology and neuroscience.

After spending much of the year before and after my memoir came out talking about it online and to groups around the country, for the last six years (until April 2018) I’ve been working a “day job” as Managing Editor of a science blog network for PLOS, the Public Library of Science. It was a good run and I learned an enormous amount about new research in health and medicine, the science of climate change and science communication. Alas, my desire to write full time (again) has become irresistible.

As of today, I’ve returned to independent writing, both as a blogger touching on these same topics, and as a novelist, adding fiction and fantasy to my day to day writing tableau.

I will be reviving the Mental Health Mom Blog as inspiration strikes. I’ll also be accepting guest posts from other writers whose contributions touch on these same themes. One caveat to any new visitors — many of these posts do not reflect the latest scientific research on the topics I cover, particularly the neuroscience. That said, there’s still much of value here, especially in basic psychology, parenting and personal experience.

Contact me personally at victoriacostellohomemail@gmail.com

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