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Jennifer: On Having A Baby, Postpartum Psychosis And Bipolar Disorder

One of the most poignant, important letters among my fellow mom writers in the Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health. A cautionary tale about untreated depression, in this case bipolar, and pregnancy. Please read it. Jennifer: On Having A … Continue reading

My Mother’s Day Rally Letter: On Why Postpartum Depression Treatment Is Important

To Every Mom and Mom-to-be on Mother’s Day:  My story is not unusual. My message is not complicated. You have to take care of yourself so you can be there for your children. What’s not simple is how someone who’s in the depths of postpartum depression, and enduring sleepless nights for months on end, can lift herself up far enough and for long enough to understand what must be done to get out of this place. I share my story because I waited far too long to get help.

Start with mine and check out each of the 24 letters being published hourly today to reach out to new mothers who are struggling with depression.

via Victoria Costello: On Why Postpartum Depression Treatment Is Important.