Goodreads | “She plays no favorites, blames no singular entity, and makes no excuses.”

I was deeply touched by Jennifer’s follow up message…

“All of the points in your book related to my life: my own battle with mood disorders, my family’s denial both past and present, and my fears about my two children “getting it” from me. My belief had been that it was a roll of the genetic dice and all I could do was teach my kids coping skills that I didn’t have, be honest about my mental illness, and stick with my meds and therapy. Now your book has added the notion that I just might also be PREVENTING the illnesses in them. It is an astonishing thought that gives me so much hope!”

More from Jennifer’s Goodreads review…Absolutely marvelous. A must read for parents regardless of whether you believe there is or is not mental illness in your ancestry. Learning about the intersection of genetics and environment is crucial for living in todays world. Whether your cause, your issue is mental health, learning disabilities, environmental safety, addiction, prenatal care, cancer prevention/treatment or a host of other things, this concept of G x E is crucial.

The memoir parts offer compelling evidence of the authors sincere motives in writing such a book. I really appreciated her honesty about both her personal life and the positive and negative issues of current mental health treatments. She plays no favorites, blames no singular entity, and makes no excuses.

The genealogy bit was probably my least favorite but that only means I liked it rather than I loved it. Those who enjoy genealogy and have a family history trail will like this section – a mini investigative drama snuck into a scientific memoir.

Jen rated it 5 of 5 stars  on Apr 06, 2012

My thanks to this Goodreads member for taking the time to read and review my book!

via Goodreads | A Lethal Inheritance: A Mother Uncovers the Science behind Three Generations of Mental Illness by Victoria Costello – Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists.

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