Why We Shouldn’t Romanticize Depression – A no holds barred interview with Memoirist Ned Zeman – NAMI

I got a laugh from this interview by Brendan McLean, of NAMI with Ned Zeman, author of The Rules of the Tunnel: My Brief Period of Madness, who is a writer and editor at Vanity Fair.. .  A sample…

Q: Did you worry about offending others who live with mood disorders?

I worry about offending my cats. So, yes, I’m aware that some people may resent my tone, or my lack of decorum, or whatever. And my response about that is: If you’re a depressive, and you want to stay that way, go read The Bell Jar. God only knows how many readers Sylvia Plath sent over the edge. I like to think that most readers of my book will understand that I’m not making sport of mood disorders or that people who suffer them. They’re my people. And I think I’m representative of many of them. Too often, moodies are portrayed as fragile, mirthless sad-sacks who turn to dust at the slightest offense. Now that’s offensive. Most moodies I know are so sick of people tiptoeing around them. And, believe me; they own the copyright on gallows humors. One of the moodies I write about in the book, George Trow, deemed himself a founding member of a club calling Insane Anonymous. He was the toast of the asylum. And I love him for that.

via NAMI | 2011.

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