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A Mind in Danger: Scientific American

My article in the March issue of Scientific American MIND, an excerpt from A LETHAL INHERITANCE, is now on sale and online. Here’s the gist:

Signs of incipient psychosis show up early in life. Reading them is key to rescuing kids from the abyss of a serious mental illness.

In Brief:

  1. Signs of a mind in danger—including social deficits, impaired body sensations and reduced tolerance to stress—may show up anywhere from two months to 35 years before schizophrenia strikes.
  2. The prevalence of schizophrenia is 1.1 percent, but if a parent has the disorder, the child has a 10 to 12 percent increased risk and a 17.1 percent chance of developing a related personality disorder.
  3. Physical abuse, bullying by peers and ingesting cannabis can push a genetically vulnerable child toward psychosis.


Or you can just buy the book instead!? — since it’s an excerpt, then you’ll have the article and much more.

A Mind in Danger: Scientific American.


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