New Study: Should your toddler be in therapy? – report from Child Psychology and Parenting Blog

This is exciting news about a study showing successful results from early intervention with psychotherapy tailored for at risk toddlers and young children!

From the Child Psychology and Parenting Blog…

This month the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics published a study that examined 3,169 children (ages 6 months to 3 years) who were screened at a pediatricians office. Of these kids, about 711 or 22% were considered “at-risk” in that they showed signs of significant delays in their social or emotional functioning or had behavior problems, as reported by their parents in a screening questionnaires. Slightly more boys (25%) than girls (19%) were considered at-risk. These children were then offered the option to participate in an early intervention program that included either more monitoring, some intervention at the pediatricians office, or a referral to outside services in more severe cases.

285 parents declined the offer to participate in the intervention and 426 parents accepted the intervention. The authors then examined a group of kids who received a re-screening during a follow up visit (after the intervention). Specifically 170 children had this second evaluation. Of these, 67 (40%) came from the group who had declined the recommendation for intervention while the rest came from the group that accepted the intervention. This allowed the researchers to compare the kids who had the interventions with those who declined the intervention.

Did the intervention work?

About 56% of the kids who received the intervention showed a significant improvement in their social and emotional functioning. However, declining the intervention was associated with a 75% reduction in the probability that the child would show significant improvement during the second evaluation. The only exception was for kids with autism-style developmental delays who were referred to outside specialists and who unfortunately did not show improvement during the second evaluation.

Does this mean that the intervention worked? Most likely…

To read the whole article….

Therapy for toddlers: Should your toddler be in therapy? – Child Psychology and Parenting Blog:

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