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The Coming Transformation Of Public Addiction Treatment – Health Affairs Blog

One more reason to support Health Care Reform…. Under the Affordable Care Act, the broad expansion of Medicaid in 2014 is expected to double the number of non-elderly adults with behavioral health disorders who will be covered by the program. … Continue reading


Eight percent of Californians need mental-health care – latimes.com

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This is the challenge ahead for those delivering newly created services with funding from the CA Mental Health Services Act, voted into being by voters in 2004 as Prop 63, as a 1% tax on millionaires. There’s a large back … Continue reading


Call to action: Oppose H.R. 3699, a bill to block public access to publicly funded research (Alliance for Taxpayer Access)

We pay for it, so let’s keep scientific research in the public domain. This is a bill to keep it in the hands of big research publishers who charge thousands of dollars for a subscription to newest studies. A new … Continue reading


Moderate Drinking and Miscarriage Linked : Discovery News

Now for some bad news — it’s unfortunately the only conclusion you can come to after reading this study…that no drinking is okay while pregnant, not even two glasses a week. MentalHealthMomBlog. Contrary to previous findings, having two alcoholic drinks … Continue reading